Learn Serbian language

Learn Serbian language easy and free with online lessons of Serbian grammar and conversations language. The course is designed for a beginner as well as advanced learner of Serbian language. Each lessons contains easily understandable explanations and multiple examples. After passing all lessons from the course, you will understand the essential grammar of Serbian language, will be able to build sentences, conjugate verbs, form participles, decline nouns and adjectives by cases and much more. Start to learn Serbian right now, and let this beautiful language be spoken by you.

Learn Serbian with free online lessons

Serbian grammar lessons

Learn to conjugate Serbian verbs, connect words into sentences, construct any phrase without using a phrasebook

Serbian Vocabulary

Learn new Serbian words and phrases, improve your vocabulary

Serbian Literature

Read Serbian short stories, novels and poems for beginners and avanced learners

Serbian Music

Improve your perception skills by listening to Serbian songs

What should you know about Serbian language?

Serbian language or Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, in fact is one language of former Yugoslavia with different local names and even with own rules of writing in some countries, and with tiny local differences and accents. It belongs to Slavic language family There are two writing systems used in Serbian language – Latin and Cyrillic scripts. In this course we will use Latin script because everybody knows Latin letters, however the Cyrillic script is included in the first lesson about Serbian alphabet too. There are about 20 millions of native speakers.



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