Russian language – Premium lessons

Lessons of Russian essential grammar

  1. Russian alphabet
  2. Conjugation of Russian verbs in present tense
  3. Russian verb БЫТЬ and Prepositions
  4. Russian past tense
  5. Future tense and Verbs of Motion
  6. Genders and Plural of Russian nouns and adjectives
  7. Cases of Russian pronouns
  8. Cases of Russian nouns (premium version)
  9. Cases of Russian adjectives
  10. “To have” in Russian language
  11. Russian reflexive verbs
  12. Construction “To need” in Russian language
  13. Construction “Must/To have to” in Russian language
  14. Russian imperative and conditional mood
  15. “There is/are”, Passive voice and some simple dialogues in Russian
  16. Degrees of comparison in Russian language
  17. Perfective aspect of Russian verbs
  18. Perfective form of Russian imperative mood
  19. Russian participles, part 1
  20. Russian participles, part 2
  21. Russian short adjectives and adverbs
  22. Possesive case in Russian language
  23. Russian diminutive suffixes
  24. Russian degrees of comparison, part 2
  25. Russian reflexive pronouns

Lessons of Russian conversational language

Additional materials

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