Aorist Tense in Serbian language

This is one more form of past tense. And this tense is used rarely, but used.

Aorist express a not long going or finished action in the past.

Aorist is always formed only from a perfective verb.

Let’s conjugate the verb OTKUCATI – to type.

One must only replace –TI by appropriate ending:

Ja otkucah

Ti otkuca

On, ona otkuca

Mi otkucasmo

Vi otkucaste

Oni otkucaše

I (have just) typed

You (have just) typed

He, she (have just) typed

We (have just) typed

You (have just) typed

They (have just) typed

Notice, that conjugations with Ti and On,ona have zero endings, i.e. cut off –ti.

Also, the Aorist is replaceable. One can use standard past tense instead of Aorist, and Aorist is really used rarely, so that you mayve even won’t hear It anywhere, but it is worth to know it. For example:

Napisao sam poruku upravo = Upravo napisah poruku – I have just written a message


Dolazismo odatle odmah – We have come from there right now

Da li završi telefonski poziv? – Have you finished the phone call?

Oni upravo pokušaše da me zovu – They have just tried to call me

Šta mu rekoste? – What have you told him?

Ovi ljudi upravo mi upitaše gde je ta ulica – These people have just asked me where is that street

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