The Spanish language is the second largest language on Earth, and it may be the first reason to learn it. You are offered to pass our free Spanish lessons that will make you speak already after the 1st lesson. The 14 free lessons in the Spanish language are a perfect way to start. The course of essential grammar and conversational language from the very zero. Start right now!

  1. Spanish alphabet and pronunciation
  2. Gender, Plural, and Spanish articles
  3. SER and ESTAR – “To be” in the Spanish language
  4. Spanish verbs in the present tense
  5. Spanish irregular verbs
  6. Spanish Past tense
  7. Spanish Future tense
  8. Spanish prepositions
  9. Spanish Direct/Indirect object pronouns, the personal “A”
  10. Por and Para
  11. More Spanish pronouns
  12. Spanish reflexive verbs
  13. Spanish imperative mood
  14. Spanish subjunctive mood

All lessons are checked and corrected by two native speakers from Venezuela, a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language from Mexico, and a language teacher from the USA.

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  1. Lily Alsina

    I’m eager to learn this language because I’m thinking of how it would sounds like if I get to know it.

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