Learn Serbian for free with online lessons in Serbian grammar and conversation. The course is designed for beginner and advanced learners of the Serbian language. Each lesson contains easily understandable explanations and multiple examples. After completing all lessons from the course, you will understand the essential grammar of the Serbian language, will be able to build sentences, conjugate verbs, form participles, decline nouns and adjectives by cases, and much more. Start learning Serbian right now, and let it become your beautiful language.

Learn Serbian with free online lessons

  1. Serbian alphabet
  2. Present tense of Serbian verbs
  3. Important verbs and modal verbs
  4. Past tense
  5. Future tense and prepositions
  6. Serbian Future tense and prepositions
  7. Verb aspect and reflexive verbs
  8. Genders and Plural
  9. Introduction to Serbian cases
  10. Cases of pronouns
  11. Cases of nouns
  12. Cases of adjectives
  13. Possessive pronouns
  14. Conditional mood and the verbs “to need” and “to like”
  15. Imperative mood
  16. Degrees of comparison
  17. More pronouns
  18. Future tense II
  19. And more pronouns
  20. Passive voice and “There is/are” in the Serbian language
  21. Participles
  22. Aorist

What should you know about the Serbian language?

Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Montenegrin are all variations of the same language, and even have their own writing rules in some countries. They have tiny differences and accents. It belongs to the Slavic language family There are two writing systems used in the Serbian language – Latin and Cyrillic scripts. In this course, we will use Latin script because everybody knows Latin letters, however, the Cyrillic script is included in the first lesson about the Serbian alphabet too. There are about 20 million native speakers.