Almost always after “Hello” one asks “How are you”, let’s see how to say it in Russian language!

Привет! Как дела? – Hello, how are you? “Как дела?” literally it means “how are your affairs”, but this is an idiomatic expression always meaning “How are you?”. This is the most used expression for “How are you?”.

Как ты? – It literally means “How are you?”, but it is not often used. Usually this expression is used when you didn’t see a person for long time, or ask about health.

Как оно? – slang, used by close friends.

Как поживаешь? – Literally means “How are you living?”, this expression is used by friends or relatives.

Как делишки? – The same as “Как дела?”, but used by people who know each other.

If you don’t know which expression to use – say “Как дела?” and you won’t mistake!

And typical answers:

Хорошо! – good!

Хорошо, а ты? – I’m fine, and you? (good, and you?)

Отлично – excellent

Нормально – normal

Так себе – so-so

Плохо – bad