In English we can say “I would do it, I would spend money, I would come there, I would I would I would…”. In Italian we also can do it, this grammar topic is called “Conditional mood”.
In English we use the word “would”, but in Italian we change endings:
io dormirei
I would sleep
tu dormiresti
You would sleep
lui dormirebbe
he would sleep
noi dormiremmo
we would sleep
voi dormireste
you would sleep
loro dornirebbero
they would sleep
Io prenderei questo cucchiaio – I would take this spoon
Lei mangiarebbe un gelato – She would eat an icecream
Quando venirebbero a casa? – When would (they) come home?
Noi andaremmo con te – We would go with you
Come voi usareste questo? – How would you use it?
Cuando mi chiamaresti? – When would you call me?
Io studiarei in una università se fossi giovane – I would study in an university if I were young
Nostra gatta non viaggiarebbe con noi – Our cat would not travel with us
Io non vestirei questa camicia – I would not wear this shirt