There are words – parasites in Russian language that doesn’t bring any sense to speech. Sometimes they are used too often.

Here they are:

Короче – to cut long story short, shortly. Using this word not always means that a speaker wants to cut a long story short, just a word – parasite.

Ну – This short word sometimes can be long like “нуууу”.

Так  – literally means “so”. Often one can hear “ну так” or “ну дак” than means “so..” or means nothing at all.

Вот – literally means “here is”, but also it often has no sense.

То есть – literally it can mean “So it means”, but often it is a word-parasite.

Как бы – “like … ” but almost never has its literal meaning.

Типа – literally “kind of” but almost always doesn’t have any meaning.

All these senseless words are often used in speech.

Ну, короче, ну так, то есть вот так типа, как бы – this sentence doesn’t have sense at all, but can have a place in speech! It’s funny, isn’t it?