Future tense in Serbian language and prepositions

This is the easiest tense, because you only need to memorize forms of the verb HTETI – to want. We already considered this verb in previous lessons, but in the future tense it will have a bit different form.

Formulas of the future tense

There are three variants of forming the future tense, first and second are equal:

Variant 1: (pronoun) + HTETI + verb in infinitive

Variant 2: (pronoun)+ HTETI + da + verb conjugated with appropriate pronoun

And not let’s consider conjugation of the verb HTETI in future tense with examples.

ZNATI – to know

Variant 1Variant 2 
Ja ću znatiJa ću da znamI will know
Ti ćeš znatiTi ćeš da znašYou will know
On, ona će znatiOn, ona će da znaHe, she will know
Mi ćemo znatiMi ćemo da znamoWe will know
Vi ćete znatiVi ćete da znatiYou will know
Oni će znatiOni da znajuThey will know

And also, we have to consider interrogative and negative forms.

Variant 3: infinitive stem with appropriate form of HTETI instead of ending

POKUŠATI  – to try/to attempt, stem POKUŠA-

Variant 3 
(Ja) pokušaćuI will try
(Ti) pokušaćešYou will try
(On, ona) pokušaćeHe, she will try
(Mi) pokušaćemoWe will try
(Vi) pokušaćeteYou will try
(Oni, one, ona) pokušaćeThey will try

This variant is equal to two previous ones. But this one is used without pronoun. However, the pronoun can be used here if we want to emphasize who performs the action, for example Pokušaću – I will try, usual expression; Ja pokušaću – I will try, emphasizing that I will try but not someone else.


Šta ćeš da radiš sutra? – What will you do tomorrow?

Ja probaću da uradim nešto – I will try to do something

Ja ću to popraviti večeras – I will fix it at evening

Ona neće da pamti – She will not remember

Mi ne zapamtićemo ovo pravilo – We will not memorize this rule

Da li ćete premati večeru? – Will you prepare the dinner?

Da li ćemo ići u pozorište večeras? – Will we go to the theater tonight?

David će da prevodi tekst sutra – David will translate the text tomorrow

Šta ćete raditi ako imate milion dinara? – What will you do if you have million dinars?

Ona će biti na poslu do osam sati – She will be at work until 8 o’clock

Kada ćeš posetiti tvoju baku? – When you visit your grandma?


raditi(imp.)/uraditi(perf.) – to do/to work

praviti(imp.)/popraviti(perf.) – to fix

pamtiti – to remember

zapamtiti – to memorize

prevoditi – to translate

posao – work/job

pozorište – theater

baka – grandma

premati – to prepare

večera – dinner

večeras – at evening

pravilo – rule

nešto – something

sutra – tomorrow

osam – eight (8)

sat – hour

Serbian prepositions

UIn, to
IzFrom, out of
SFrom, with
IspredIn front of


Use future tense

  1. Ja ______________ za tobom (TRCATI – to run) – I will run after you
  2. Ona ______________ u bazenu (PLIVATI – swim) – She will swim in pool (bazen – pool)
  3. Moja porodica ______________ u letnikovaca (BITI – to be) – My family will be in summer house (porodica – family, letnikovac – summer house)
  4. Dete ______________ na podu (PUZATI – to crawl) – The children will crawl on the floor (dete – children, pod – floor)
  5. Ti______________ mi? (POMOĆ – to help) – Will you help me?
  6. Gde______________ sutra? (IĆI – to go) – Where will you go tomorrow?
  7. ____________ konjak! (PITI – to drink) – I won’t drink cognac!
  8. Šta ____________________ kada završiš univerzitet? (RADITI – to do) – What will you do when you finish university?
  9. Da li vaša deca ___________________ u školu danas? (IĆI – to do) – Will your children go to school today?
  10. Kako ____ to _________________ na nas? (UTICATI – to affect) – How will it affect us?
  11. Ko ___________________ ovaj proizvod? (KUPITI – to buy) – Who will buy this product?
  12. Novinar _______________ članak za naš žurnal (NAPISATI – to write) – Journalist will write an article for our journal
  13. ___________________ film sa cijelom porodicom (GLEDATI – to watch) – We will watch the film with whole family
  14. Vi _____________________ negde ovog leta? (PUTOVATI – to travel) – Will you travel anywhere this summer?
  15. Da li ___________________dug uskoro? (ZAPLATITI – to pay) – When you pay the debt?


1: ću trcati/ću da trcam, 2: će plivati/će da pliva, 3: će biti, 4: će puzati/će puzaju, 5: ćeš pomoć/ćeš da pomogaš, 6: ćeš ići/ćeš da ides, 7: neću piti, 8: ćeš raditi/ćeš da radiš, 9: će ići, 10: će to uticati, 11: će kupiti/će da kupi, 12: će napisati/će da napisa, 13: gledaćemo, 14: ćete putovati/ćete da putujete, 15: zaplatićeš

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