Serbian cases of nouns

Serbian cases of nouns is a subject that confuse most of students very much. But this subject is not as difficult as you might think. However one must spend some time to memorize case endings. Decline 50-100 Serbian nouns by cases and read some Serbian texts to look how the cases are used.

Description of each Serbian case you will find in the lesson Introduction to Serbian cases, open this page in next tab.

Masculine: Grad – city, Gradovi –cities


Feminine: Zgrada building, Zgrade – buildings


Neuter: Polje – field, Polja – fields



Kada ideš u školu? – When you go to school? Školu – accusative, after the preposition “U – to”*

*-notice, that the preposition U can mean either “to” or “in”.

Gde je moj automobil? – Where is my car? Automobil – nominative

Je li si iz Moskve? – Are you from Moscow? Moskve – genitive, after the preposition “IZ – from”.

Šta plešete u plesnoj školi? – What do you dance in dancing school? (plesna škola – dancing school, plesati – to dance), Plesnoj školi – locative, after the preposition “U – in”.

Na tvojim rukama – on your hands. Rukama – locative, after the preposition “NA – on”.

Ja bojim zid – I paint the wall. Zid – accusative, direct object of “bojiti – to paint”.

Moji prijateli idu u teretanu svaki dan – My friends go to gym every day. Teretanu – accusative, after the preposition “U – to”.

Ovaj voz ne prolazi kroz Budimpeštu – this train doesn’t go through Budapest. Budimpeštu – accusative case, after the preposition “KROZ – through”.

Deca šetaju sa roditeljima – Children walk with parents. Roditeljima – instrumental, after the preposition “SA – with”.

Drvo raste pored puta – A tree grows next to the road. Puta – genitive case, after the preposition “PORED – next to”.


Škola – school

Ruka – hand

Bojiti(imp.)/obojiti(perf.) – to paint

Roditelji – parents

Budimpešta – Budapest

Zid – wall

Teretana – gym

Voz – train

Put – road

Deca – children


Decline nouns in appropriate cases

  1. Idem ka _____________ (ZGRADA – building) – I am going towards the building
  2. Kako se zove ta slika na __________ (ZID – wall) – How is called that picture on the wall?
  3. Vratim se kući od _______________ (TERETANA – gym) – I am going back home from the gym
  4. Moj brat je zadovoljan ovim _________________ (INSTRUMENT – instrument) – My brother is satisfied with this instrument
  5. Mi radimo sa mnogima _________________ (KLIJENT – client) – We work with many clients
  6. Zašto slušaš ovu _________________ (MUZIKA – music) – Why do you listen to this music?
  7. Danas on je napisao deset _________________ (STRANICA – page) – Today he has written ten pages
  8. Koliko bicicla imaš u tvojoj _______________ (GARAŽA – garage) – How many bibycles do you have in your garage?
  9. Mi remontovamo krov našoj __________ (KUĆA – home/house) – We repair the roof of our house
  10. Koliko ______________ nam treba za _______________ (SALATA – salad, PROSLAVA – celebration) – How much salad do we need for the celebration?
  11. Šta ti radiš sa ovim _______________ (NOVAC – money) – What do you do with this money?
  12. O kojem ______________ si mi rekao (PUT – road) – About which road did you tell me?


1: zgrade; 2: zidu; 3: teretane; 4: instrumentom; 5: klijentima; 6: muziku; 7: stranica; 8: garaži; 9: kući; 10: salata; 11: novcom; 12: putu.

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