Serbian future tense II

This kind of Serbian future tense is used only in subordinate clause (dependent sentence) and never on its own. Ja ču raditi – I will do is a proper future tense that shows an action that will happen in the future, and there is another form of future tense in which this sentence would look like Ja budem radio. Formally, this tense is called „Future II“. Some linguists say that this is a tense, and some say that this is a method. As it was said before, this form of Serbian future tense can be used only in subordinate clause, and if to say more specifically, only with these conjunctions:

Ako – if

Kad – as

Dok – while, until

Čim – as soon as

One can draw a parallel with subjunctive mood in Spanish or in English here.

In order to conjugate verbs in this tense, we need to know one more form of BITI – to be, and the conjugated verb will be in form of past tense:

RADITI – to do/to work

Ja budem radio(m)

Ja budem radila(f)

I will do
Ti budeš radio(m)

Ti budeš radio(f)

You will do
On bude radioHe will do
Ona bude radilaShe will do
Mi budemo radiliWe will do
Vi budite radiliYou will do
Oni, one, ona budu radiliThey will do


Ako budem radio mnogo, biću umoran – if I work a lot, I will be tired

Dok ne bude završila, neće biti srećna – Until she doesn’t finish, she will not be happy

Čim budemo dovršili sve, otići ćemo u pozorište – As soon as we complete all, we will go to the theater

Pozovi me kad budeš išao kod kuće – Call me when you go home

Čim budem se vratio kod kuće, zvaću te – As soon as I return to home, I will call you

Kad budemo bogati, ćemo kupiti veliku kuću – When we will be righ, we will buy a big house

Čim Zoran bude došao, počećemo da slavimo – As soon as Zoran will come, we will start to celebrate

Ako budeš len, nećeš dostići uspeh – If you will be lazy, you will not reach success

Dok bude radila tamo, neće imati vremena za ništa – While she works there, she will not have time for anything

Čim Milorad bude spreman, će napustiti to mesto gde žive – As soon as Milorad gets ready, he will leave that place where he lives

U kojim gradu ćeš da živeš ako budeš živeo u Hrvatski? – In which citz will you live if you (will) live in Croatia?

Dok tvoji prijateli ne budu te podržao, neće biti dobri prijatelji – Until your friends support you, they won’t be good friends

Kad svi budu u dvorani, biće vreme za početak konferencije – When everybody are in the hall, it will be time to start to conference


umoran – tired

završiti – to finish

dovršiti – to complete

srećan – happy

napustiti – to leave/abandon

dvorana – hall

spreman – ready

uspeh – success

podržati – to support

bogat – rich

srećan – happy

početak – start


Decide whether to use future I or future II and use correct conjugation

  1. Dok svi _______________, mi ćemo piti (PLESATI – to dance, stem change S-Š) – While everybody will be dancing, we will be drinking
  2. Podsetiću te da bi ________________ ovde u potrebnom vremenu (BITI – to be) – I will remind you to be here at the right time (literally: I will remind you in order to be here at the right time)
  3. Kada ____________ svoja obećava? (ISPUNITI – to fulfill) – When you fulfill your promises?
  4. Ja takođe ne ______________ kafu ako ti ne hoćeš – (PITI – to drink) – I won’t drink coffee if you don’t want
  5. Gde tvoj otac _________________ novac? (INVESTIRATI – to invest) – Where will your father invest money?
  6. Ako _______________ pijan, neću da dozvolim te da ideš napolje (BITI – to be) – If you get drunk, I won’t allow you to go outside
  7. ____________________ ništa novo dok ne _______________ uvereni u onom šta smo prošli pre toga (STUDIRATI – to study, BITI – to be) – We will not study anything new until we get confident* in what we have passed before that (*literally: will be confident)
  8. Da li __________________ tu haljinu ako znaž da ima ista u drugoj prodavnice jeftinije? (KUPITI – to buy) – Will you buy that dress if you know that there is the same one cheaper in another store?
  9. Će te pozoviti sutra jutrom da bi ______________ spreman kad dođem (BITI – to be) – I will call you tomorrow morning so that you get ready when I come
  10. Čim ___________________, ćemo se preseljiti u drugu zemlju (ODRASTATI – grow up) – As soon as we grow up, we will move to another country


1: budu plesali; 2: budeš; 3: ispunićeš/ćeš ispuniti; 4: neću piti; 5: će investirati; 6: budeš; 7: Ne budemo studirali, bićemo; 8: ćeš kupiti; 9: budeš; 10: budemo odrastali

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