There are diminutive suffixes in English language too, but they are used just in some words. Some of them are:

Kitten – kitty, Jim – Jimmy, Charles – Charlie

In Spanish language these suffixes can be –ITO(m) and –ITA(f), -CITO(m), -CITA(f), -ITITO(m), -ITITA(f).

Gato – gatito – cat(m)

Gata – gatita – cat(f)

Chico – chiquito – guy

Chica – chuquita – chiquitita – girl

Pequeño – pequeñito – small

Ingrid – ingridcita – Ingrid(name)

Poco – poquito – poquitito – little


There is the postfix –ISIMO for adjectives, this postfix empowers meaning of an adjective:

Bueno – good, buenísimo – so good!

Grande – big, grandísimo – so big!


Su perrita es linda – Her dog is cute

Hay poquitas monedas en la cajita, puedes sacarlas – There are just a few coins in the small box, you can take them

¿Dónde está mi bolsita? – Where is my bag?