You are currently viewing Interview with Russian polyglot Dmitri Petrov (in Spanish)

Interview with Russian polyglot Dmitri Petrov (in Spanish)

Interesting interview with famous Russian polyglot Dmitri Petrov, who speaks over 30 languages and does simultaneous interpretation in four of them. He can read in 50 languages. He became famous after his tv-program “Polyglot” in Russian TV, where he explained languages in 16 lessons as easy as nobody else did before. Once he learned Hungarian in 2 weeks after a dispute on a box of beer. There are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese Hindi, and Chinese seasons, all of which you can find in youtube, and lessons are in Russian. My language learning started from these programs and I apply those methods in my lessons. By the way, there is his official Facebook page in English.

And very interesting his TED Talk in Russian


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