Learning Vocabulary with Crossword Method

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There are many ways to memorize vocabulary. But did you hear about learning vocabulary with crossword method? If you already read about 400 most common words in any language, then this is a good method to memorize these words. So, how to write crosswords, and not to forget everything at once?

Take a block note or a paper, find a first word to memorize, and write it vertically, and then write crosswords. Look at the example with Spanish words:

Learn vocabulary with crossword method

The words in crossword: Compartir, olvidar, hermoso, disponible, casa, libro, gente, considerar, recordar.

Remember, the more word pass through your sight and pen, the more chance to memorize more words.

Here are the ways to memorize more words:

  • Write translations next to each word
  • After writing a crossword, write some sentences with used words
  • If you want to add a word and there is not a matching letter, start the next crossword with this word
  • Write crosswords on sticky notes
  • Start writing each word from the last letter
  • Write all words separated by commas from the crossword below the crossword without translations
  • Try to include equal number of verbs, nouns, adjectives in the crossword

Let’s write some sentences using the words from the crossword above. The sentences can be stupid, it’s normal, because the main purpose is to make a context to memorize words:

Hay un libro en mi casa que yo compartí muchas veces – There is a book in my home that I shared many times

Te recuerdas u olvidaste esa hermosa casa? – Do you remember or forgot that beautiful house?

Estoy disponible ahora porque estoy en casa – I am available now because I am at home

Qué es lo que la gente considera como hermoso? – What the people consider as beautiful?

Este libro está disponible en Amazon – This book is available in Amazon

El olvidó compartir algo con sus amigos – He forgot to share something with his friends

Try it, maybe this method is good for you, maybe not, who knows? 🙂

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