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The Complete Guide to Learning a Language Fast: The Best Ways to Learn a Language in Less Time

What is the Best Way to Learn a Language?

There are many ways to learn a new language, but the most efficient way is to use the new Fast Language Mastery method.

The Fast Language Mastery method is when you learn a language without using boring and time-consuming mobile apps, attending a language school, or taking online classes. But instead, use correct organization and planning, understanding how a language actually works without wasting time for memorizing common phrases and greetings and quickly memorizing vocabulary with our methods.

There are many benefits to using this method. It will help you pick up vocabulary and grammar more easily because you learn it in a structured way, instead of traditional, disorganized methods that are widely used in language schools.

How to Speed Up Language Learning by 300% or More

Learning a new language may not be easy if you don’t have a natural talent for it, however, you can develop it as I did. It takes time, focus, and motivation to make it happen. But there are ways to speed up the process and make it more efficient.

One of the most effective methods to learn a language is to create a learning plan that includes what you will study, what sources you will use, and a vocabulary list for each day.

Unorganized language learning may be a waste of time. For example, if you learn how to conjugate verbs in the present tense one day, then learn how to decline participles the next day, and then learn a bunch of common phrases without understanding how they are constructed, you may be wasting a lot of time. By following the Fast Language Mastery strategy, you learn a language as a logical chain instead of connecting random dots.

By using our FREE language learning planner, you can structure your learning to build this logical chain and avoid wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

And most importantly, by following this strategy, you can spend 15 minutes on what you would spend an hour on.

The Easiest Ways to Learn Grammar in a New Language

Any language consists of verbs, pronouns, nouns, and adjectives. And we have to know how to connect them with each other. This is how a language works.

Grammar study should start with learning to conjugate verbs in present, past, and future tenses. This is the first thing that has to be learned. And everything else after that.

Verbs connect all other words in a sentence. That’s why they must be learned first. After, you can learn how to decline nouns by grammatical gender, case, plural and singular numbers, and any other attribute that your target language has.

In fact, you can divide a language into two sides – verbs and everything else.

I have also suggestions about how to learn the Case system in the Russian language (or in any other Slavic language) fast without effort. Check it out.

How to memorize vocabulary quickly

In order to memorize new words and recognize them in a speech, you need to trigger your brain to move them into long-time memory, i.e. to memorize for a long time or forever. In order to do that, you need to build as many neuro connections with that word as possible.

In order to do that, I created FREE vocabulary learning worksheets that include such methods as:

  • Words in context

  • Associations

  • Diary

  • Today’s topic

  • Vocabulary list

  • Guess the word game

Download your worksheets NOW!

Vocabulary learning worksheets

How many words do you have to learn?

There is no exact number, but the minimal amount is 400 words from the list of most common words in any language. Look at these numbers:

  • If you learn 400 most common words, you can understand 75% of speech;

  • If you learn 1000 most common words, you can understand 80% of speech;

  • If you learn 4000 words, you can understand 95% of the language.

By using the right strategy, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort to achieve.

How to overcome the speaking block

If you know the grammar and vocabulary well, you may face such a thing as a “speaking block”. For example, you can think in a foreign language but once you have an opportunity to speak it, you cannot connect two words and get stuck.

There is no special advice on how to overcome it, just speak as you can and in some days you will be able to speak better, this is how I did it.

Also, a glass of beer or wine helps to remove the block immediately, it is proven many times. Some alcohol may help to develop language skills. But don’t overdrink!

How to train your ear to understand the language

Pronunciation in every language is different. That’s why the same letters can have completely different pronunciations and sounds in other languages. All people have different diction. But how can one understand a language if one can only read and speak it and cannot currently afford to live in the place where the language is spoken?

The best way to learn is to passively listen. This is how I learned to understand languages, and you should too.

Passive listening is a way to create artificial immersion. Just listen to topics that you’re interested in and you’ll start understanding everything. Combine it with speaking practice and you’ll achieve fluency as soon as possible.

Use YouTube videos, Podcasts, and AudioBooks for passive listening.

Passive listening for 15 minutes per day is enough.

The Ultimate Guide on How To Speak Another Language In 7 Days or Less

Learning a new language can be a daunting task, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding one.

Many people think that it takes years to learn a new language, but that’s not the case. You can learn a new language in as little as seven days if you follow these steps:

1) Find the right motivation.

2) Create a 7-day learning plan

3) Use vocabulary worksheets and learn the 400 most common words in any language

4) Listen to the language every day.

If you want to learn the basics of your target language in 7 days and memorize 400 of the most common words that cover 75% of speech, join the 7-Day Language Challenge and get daily instruction in your inbox.

(Coming soon).

And for advanced learners, I created 23 printable worksheets that will speed up your learning process. Click the link below, download your worksheets, print them out, and start learning with the Fast Language Mastery method!Language learning worksheets


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