The Serbian alphabet uses two writing scripts at the same time: Latin Serbian script (Gajevica) and Cyrillic script (Ćirilica). They are used interchangeably, sometimes dubbed, sometimes single. In order to make learning easier for native speakers of the languages with Latin writing systems, the Serbian lessons are written in the Latin script.

Also, there are local differences in usage of the alphabets:

In Croatia only Latin script is used;

In Montenegro there are 2 more extra letters Ś/С́ and Ź/З́.

Latin Serbian alphabet (Latinica)

Aa [cup]Bb [book]Vv [live]Gg [gap]Dd [door]
Đđ [juice]Ee [step]Žž [pleasure]Zz [zoom]Ii [pig]
Jj [boy]Kk [can]Ll [loop]Lj lj [million]Mm [moon]
Nn [nurce]Nj nj [canyon]Oo [fork]Pp [part]Rr [berry]
Ss [souce]Tt [tool]Ćć the sound softer than CHUu [zoo]Ff [flight]
Hh [hat]Cc [cats]Čč [change]Dž dž [George]Šš [show]

Cyrillic Serbian alphabet (Ćirilica/Ћирилица)

Аа [cup]Бб [book]Вв [live]Гг [gap]Дд [door]
Ђ ђ [juice]Ее [step]Жж [pleasure]Зз [zoom]Ии [pig]
Jj [boy]Кк [can]Лл [loop]Љ љ [million]Мм [moon]
Нн [nurce]Њ њ [canyon]Оо [fork]Пп [part]Рр [berry]
Сс [souce]Тт [tool]Ћ ћ the sound softer than CHУу [zoo]Фф [flight]
Хх [hat]Цц [cats]Чч [change]Џ џ [George]Шш [show]